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Services We Provide


Wholesale Brokerage of Loose Diamonds at 5% Over the Cost Prices of Our Diamond Cutters

I  search dozens of diamond databases containing millions of loose diamonds and will find you just the "Perfect" diamond to match your desires and price!

And, you can purchase them through my brokerage service for just 5% above my direct price from the diamond cutter.

You can't go anymore direct than that!


Engagement Ring Mountings and Wedding Bands

I have dozens of fine jewelry manufacturers where you can view thousands of elegant mountings and select just the "Perfect" mounting for your diamond!

When you are ready, I'll walk you thought the entire process seamlessly.   

If you are not ready now, please bookmark my page and if you know of others, friends and family, who may be looking for exceptionally fine jewelry, please refer them to me.

Many thanks, John Rist